Applying For Medicare

Medicare is an incredibly helpful public assistance program. You can apply for coverage once you become eligible. This is how you apply for Medicare. 

How To Apply For Medicare

If your goal is to get access to Medicare benefits, you are approaching a major milestone in your retirement planning journey. To start with the application process, all you need to do is reach out to the Social Security Administration. You can do so in person or online. You can also submit an application via mail if you so choose. Applying over the phone is possible too. Isn’t it good to have so many options?

To apply in person, all you need is proof of U.S. citizenship and a birth certificate. A Medicare agent can help you determine what else may be needed to complete the application process. 

When To Enroll in Medicare

After applying for Medicare benefits, you need to enroll in coverage. You can only do so during set periods of the year, but fortunately, there are several of them available annually. There is also the Initial Enrollment Period, which occurs around the time you become eligible for Medicare. 

If you want to know when you can enroll after applying, here are the enrollment periods you should be aware of. 

  • Initial Enrollment Period – Begins 3 months before you turn 65 and ends 3 months after. The period is a total of 7 months. During this time, you can enroll in any Medicare plan you like. 
  • Annual Enrollment Period – This period runs from October 15th to December 7th. During this time, you can make changes to your coverage or enroll in a new Medicare plan. If you enroll during this time, your coverage will go into effect on January 1st. 
  • Special Enrollment Periods – These are unique enrollment periods that don’t fall into a specific part of the calendar year. Special Enrollment Periods are granted to eligible people that have recently faced qualifying life events. 

To find out if you are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period, please reach out to one of our licensed insurance agents. 

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