Apart from COVID shots, Medicare Part B also covers hepatitis B, flu, and pneumonia shots

Does Medicare Cover COVID Shots?

Yes, Medicare covers COVID shots. In this guide, we’ll go into details about how Medicare covers COVID shots and related treatments. 

According to the 2020 CARES act, it was stated that COVID vaccine shots would be taken care of in Medicare Part B. People who are also enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan will get covered to receive COVID shots as Medicare Advantage covers the same services as Original Medicare. 

Apart from COVID shots, Medicare Part B also covers hepatitis B, flu, and pneumonia shots. Part D covers other vaccines that are commercially available but are not covered under Part B.

Testing and Treatment

For people who think they may have contracted the virus, Medicare covers testing and other related expenses. Medicare covers the total cost of COVID testing and all other tests that may be necessary for detecting COVID-19. For example, Part B covers the cost of a CT scan of the lungs in detecting COVID. 

Once you meet your Part B deductible, usually, you’ll pay 20% of the total cost. People who have contracted the virus will need to receive certain inpatient and outpatient services. Some of these services are covered by Medicare. Part B covers doctor visits and telehealth visits. 

If your healthcare provider prescribes medication to help treat COVID, you can get coverage through Medicare Part D. You can also get coverage for prescription drug treatments through Medicare Advantage. For the treatment of COVID, Remdesivir has been approved by the FDA. The FDA has also approved other drugs for the treatment of COVID, such as Bamlanivimab and Imdevimab. Remdesivir is prescribed to people under inpatient hospitalization.

What Else Does Medicare Cover?

People who are admitted to a hospital as a result of COVID-19 will receive coverage for inpatient hospitalization costs through Medicare Part A. However, you will pay a $1,484 deductible for the benefit period and a daily coinsurance after the 60th day. Medicare Part A covers inpatient expenses such as general nursing services, meals, your room, medication received during inpatient treatment, and other hospital services. 

Part A also covers beneficiaries who are under quarantine at a hospital but would have been normally discharged. For patients who need an ambulance, Part B will cover ground transportation to the hospital. However, you’ll cover 20% of the total cost after you meet the deductible. The Part B deductible in 2021 is $203.

If you’re enrolled in Medicare Advantage, you can also get coverage for COVID testing, shots, and treatments. Medicare Advantage covers the same basic benefits as Medicare Part A and Part B. Many Medicare Advantage plans also cover prescription drug coverage, additional telehealth services, meal delivery, and transport services.

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