Advantage for Veterans

Many Veterans are in search of finding the insurance coverage they require. However, since there are many complications in finance and eligibility, many have not yet received the benefits. We at Generations Insurance understand your concern and have the information you’re looking for.

Medicare for Veterans

Medicare, as we know, is a Federal Insurance program designed for citizens of America. It aims to help and assist people with the costs of receiving medical assistance and treatment. The first thing we need to mention is that yes, veterans are eligible for Medicare, and there are some requirements.

Suppose you already have coverage through the U.S Department Of Veterans Affairs and are also eligible for Medicare. In that case, you won’t have to enroll. If you’re wondering why you still need Medicare even if you have Veterans Affairs, here’s why;

  • The VA health coverage enrolls people into different priority levels, which depend on several factors.
  • Having both Medicare and VA will increase the benefits and widen your coverage
  • You may lose VA; thus, if you decide to enroll in Medicare after the age of 65, you may face penalties.

What Are The Advantages Of Having Both

To give you an idea as to how both coverages would bring you benefits, we have mentioned a few advantages below;

  • More health care options
  • Adding Medicare to VA will enable a range of hospitals, doctors, and other health care providers for medical attention
  • Most people don’t have to pay a premium for Medicare Part A

Prescription Drugs

Of course, prescription drugs can be quite costly, and many people would like to receive coverage. If you have a VA, you should note that it includes prescription drug benefits. Therefore, you won’t need to enroll for Medicare Part D. Other than this, if your VA benefits end, you won’t have to pay a late penalty fee for Medicare Part D.

Why Consider Medicare?

One of the biggest reasons you may consider Medicare is that your VA benefits won’t cover you forever. There will come a period where you will lose VA benefits. Therefore, having Medicare would keep you covered. Other than this, If you don’t have VA already, Medicare is good coverage to get. You’ll have the flexibility of selecting an appropriate plan according to your needs.

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