Medicare Part D

Understanding the parts of Medicare can be quite confusing. This is why we at Generations Insurance are here to help people determine which plan would be best for them.

What Is Medicare?

As you might know, Medicare is a Federal Insurance program designed for the citizens of America. Medicare aims to help senior citizens with the costs of receiving medical attention and treatment. There are four parts of Medicare, Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D.

If you’re eligible for Original Medicare, you can sign up for Medicare Part D without any issues. If there is any confusion, our experts at Generations Insurance will guide you further.

Medicare Part D Coverage

As we mentioned earlier, Medicare is a federal insurance program. However, Part D is offered by private insurance companies. As you might know, Original Medicare does not cover most drugs. Therefore, if you don’t have Medicare Part D or any other plan that doesn’t cover drugs, you will be paying for your drugs straight from your pocket.

This is the aim of Medicare Part D. It is great because it can help reduce prescription drug costs. Therefore, it protects you from higher drug costs in the future as well. However, you must know that Part D might not cover some drugs. This means if you’re planning on getting this coverage, you will need to review the Medicare Part D drug list.

Are all Medicare Part D Plans the Same?

All Medicare Part D plans are not the same. Keep in mind that each Part D has different monthly premiums, deductibles, and copayments. As we mentioned earlier, Part D is offered by private insurance companies; this means that each insurance company may have set different costs and types of drugs covered. Don’t worry as we at Generations Insurance can assist you in finding the best plan for you.

What Are The Advantages Of Part D

To give you an overview as to why Part D is a good idea, we have mentioned a few of the advantages of Medicare Part D below,

  • Low premiums
  • Works best with Original Medicare
  • Lowers costs

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